04 September 2019 - Blog, General, Payroll Tips & Insights
UK Vs Irish Payroll

8 Key differences between UK & Irish Payroll

Payroll can be a complex and time-consuming task for companies, especially when they have multiple locations around the world. Each country has different legislation and specific requirements that companies must adhere to if they are to be payroll compliant. To give you a brief overview of the complexity and varying requirements, we have highlighted 8 key differences between Irish and UK payroll.

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Managing payroll is a complex and time-consuming operation. Keeping up to date with ever evolving legislative changes, ensuring payroll compliance and delivering employee wages accurately and on time takes its toll on a business’ senior resources. Here at Paycheck Plus, we’ve been providing comprehensive payroll services tailored specifically to each of our client’s needs for over a decade. Our payroll specialists handle all aspects of payroll management for our clients including answering our client’s employee queries through our Employee Assist Helpline.

To ensure payroll accuracy or for more information on our payroll services simply request a callback now or call our UK office on 0161 464 8720 or our Irish office on 041-9892100.  Alternatively, request a quote here.

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