Is Cybersecurity the Weak Link in your UK Payroll Service?

UK Payroll Service Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity falls outside the remit of most UK payroll service professionals. And while many payroll employees view cybersecurity as a worthwhile and necessary practice, the siloed nature of modern organisations often means they are unaware of the security risks.

Increasingly cybersecurity experts view internal risks caused by improper training and system usage as one of the primary security issues. This is particularly true for UK Payroll Services where employees can easily and unwittingly compromise sensitive payroll information if the correct training and processes are not in place.

To celebrate Safer Internet Day our UK payroll service experts identify 10 low tech ways to protect your UK payroll data and prevent security breaches:

  1. Ensure team members log off before moving away from their computers
  2. Use complex passwords for any online payroll software or systems
  3. Ensure that login details for any online systems (such as payroll portals) are not shared and remain confidential
  4. Safeguard payroll data by ensuring any payroll related documents are sent via secure encryption, are password protected and are only sent  to the intended recipient(s).
  5. Limit and maintain access to any online payroll systems
  6. Set up and maintain a firewall
  7. Restrict Wifi access where necessary. (Having employees and customers/clients on the same network can leave your business vulnerable to packet sniffing and phishing attacks.)
  8. Develop clear disciplinary policies in case appropriate protocols are not adhered to.
  9. Keep your router locked away and do not use the default router password
  10. Keep your router software up to date

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