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  • Manchester Payroll Service

    International Manufacturer looking for a Manchester Payroll Bureau

International Manufacturer looking for a Manchester Payroll Service

The Client

Established more than 100 hundred years ago Holt are one of Manchester and Britain’s best loved brands. Holt produce a wide range of automotive maintenance and repair products, from coolants and screen washes to puncture repair systems.

  • Client: Holts
  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Location: UK
  • Client Since: 2011
  • Services: Outsourced Payroll Service Manchester
  • Website: www.holtsauto.com
Holts Payroll Services Manchester

The Challenge

By May 2017 Holts’ payroll service was being processed by two independent entities. Paycheck Plus had been looking after the organisation’s Irish payroll since 2011 but they were experiencing difficulties with their Manchester Payroll service.

Having already experienced 100% accuracy with their Irish payrolls, Holt wanted the same from their Manchester Payroll Service. And so, they were looking to consolidate their Irish and Manchester payroll services under one payroll service provider.

Holts’ Manchester payroll consisted of 130 monthly-paid employees. The volume of payrolls requiring processing would rarely fluctuate as the organisation experienced low staff turnover levels. Key to Holt’s sustained employment numbers was a progressive rewards programme which provided Holts’ employees with generous rewards and allowances. Accurately processing these rewards would be critical.

The Solution

Holts began an extensive selection process to identify a suitable payroll bureau. Having already had a negative experience with their Manchester payroll service provider, Holts were keen to engage a reputable payroll firm in this instance, and so as part of the submission process Paycheck Plus provided several references from existing clients.

Paycheck Plus was ultimately chosen as their preferred Manchester payroll service due to our service quality, high level of experience and controlled payroll processing environment. The fact that they would be working with a local Manchester Payroll bureau also provided additional piece of mind.

Payroll experts from our Manchester Payroll bureau set to requirements gathering and analysis. They worked closely with the business paying particular attention to the Holts’ existing processes and protocols and in particular their rewards programme. Holts currently provided several benefits and allowances to their employees. These included working-time allowances (such as Shift and Overtime allowances) but also position-based allowances (eg supervisor or line leader allowances) and training allowances (such as first aid) as well as several benefits (fuel deductions, holiday pay etc.)

The Outcome

Holts now benefit from a consolidated payroll service, with both their Irish and Manchester payroll services processed by a single payroll provider. This has standardised the payroll process and reduced Holts’ administrative burden.

Holt also benefit from a variety of payroll reports (Bacs report, gross to net, HMRC, Payslips, Pensions, Summary reports etc ). They also receive a component analysis, which analyses the various payroll elements (such as salary, Holiday pay, Bonuses & Alowances, BIK, Health etc.).

Paycheck Plus, Your Payroll Outsourcing Partner

Paycheck Plus is an award-winning payroll bureau, serving businesses across Ireland and the UK. With industry-leading accuracy levels, strict levels of confidentiality and top-rated payroll processes, we provide comprehensive, ISO and ISAE 3402 accredited, payroll outsourcing services to organisations of all sizes, including payslip delivery, BACS payment facilitation, payroll reporting, and payroll administration.

If you would like assistance with your payroll please contact our Manchester Payroll Service on +44 (0) 161 464 8720 or request a callback today.

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