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  • Payroll Case Study

    Global Company Requiring Local Payroll Expertise

Global Manufacturer Requiring Local Payroll Expertise

The Client

From its establishment in Ireland in the mid-90s, this ambitious business, operating in the food industry, now has entities around the globe – from Europe to the US to China.

  • Sector: Food Manufacturing
  • Location: Global
  • Client Since: 2015
  • Services: International Payroll Management

The Challenge

Managing the payroll for their worldwide operations was a real struggle for them. Finding the most suited partners, managing agencies, communication and language barriers, among many other factors, consumed a considerable amount of time for the business – time that they preferred to dedicate to the expansion of their company.

The Solution

After thorough requirements gathering and analysis, Paycheck Plus commenced the management and the fine-tuning of the business’ global payroll function. The experienced Paycheck Plus payroll specialists worked closely with the business and their established partnerships, made recommendations for improvements and introduced new partnerships with exceptional payroll bureau that have the necessary local expertise. The introduction and use of a revolutionary and innovative software platform ensured effective and compliant management of employees, vendors, records, data control, roles and responsibilities, payroll and reporting on a global scale.

The Outcome

The result was a refined and improved payroll function that continues to be managed by Paycheck Plus, a 2-time global payroll award winner with one of the largest payroll departments in the UK and Ireland. The food manufacturing company now has one point of contact for their global payroll needs, an improved and more agile payroll function, a global employee and vendor management and reporting tool that provides a more flexible business structure and more in-house resources that can focus on profits and growth rather than paperwork.

What this client had to say about us

We met with Paycheck Plus in their head office in Co. Louth and it was clear from the beginning that they had the expertise, capacity, network and experience in place that we needed for the management, and potential expansion, of our international payroll function. Paycheck Plus has proven to be a high value asset to us. The quality management of our global payroll, having one point of contact for our international payroll requirements and the specialist support that Paycheck Plus provides gives us greater efficiency and peace of mind that our payroll is operating, and will continue to operate, with excellence.

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