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Making a difference for our clients
Passionate about best practice payroll and making a difference for our clients.
  • Client: The Range
  • Sector: Retail
Expansion to Ireland

Help with understanding Irish tax laws
and ongoing employer obligations

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  • Client: Payroll Services for Food Manufacturing Company
  • Sector: Food Manufacturing
Local Payroll Expertise,

A complex global payroll function simplified and improved.

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  • Client: St. Raphael’s Credit Union Payroll
  • Sector: Financial
Compliant payroll

Helping Ireland’s largest Credit Union minimise risk.

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  • Client: A Multi-National Insurance Company
  • Sector: Insurance
Local tax expertise

Paycheck Plus increased take home pay for employees.

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  • Client: An American Fintech Company
  • Sector: Financial
Being the best employer
that we can be

Paycheck Plus, helping employers and employees.

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  • Client: A Telecoms Company
  • Sector: Telecoms
Emerging from
merging payrolls

Actionable advice for one streamlined compliant payroll.

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  • Client: A Restructured Construction Company
  • Sector: Construction
Tailored Payroll Training

Hitting the ground running, with confidence.

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  • Client: Bose
  • Sector: Consumer electronics
Redundancy Support
& Management

Paycheck Plus maximised return and efficiencies
for both employer and employees.

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  • Client: An International Software Company
  • Sector: Software / IT
More than a Business
Registration Service

Paycheck Plus provided compliant, efficient and optimised business registration services.

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