National Payroll Week: A Time to Celebrate

National Payroll Week CEO Statement

National Payroll Week

This week (7th to 11th September 2020) is National Payroll Week. In-house and outsourced payroll providers from all over the UK will be taking a bit of time to celebrate the payroll profession and give it the recognition it deserves.

National Payroll Week is the one time of year that lets us stop and think about our payroll service providers and the work they are doing. It helps to raise the profile of the payroll service industry and of those payroll providers who have quietly kept the nation paid over these past months.

This year, has seen more changes than most. The Coronavirus lockdown and remote working measures have had a massive impact on pay and payroll processing. We are proud to recognise the hard work, effort and invaluable contributions made by payroll services and departments across the UK, and to complement them on the extraordinary dedication and professionalism they have shown.

Payroll has greatly evolved over the last few years and the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent switch to remote working and change of legislation has only accelerated that evolution. Payroll processing today requires increased dexterity, as payroll processors are asked to go beyond the fundamentals of operating a payroll to implementing increasingly complex legislation, (such as furlough schemes, changing Statutory Sick Pay guidelines as well as auto-enrolment and pension administration). This increased need for adaptability is only set to continue as businesses strive for ways to reduce operating costs, increase compliance, improve data security and confidentiality, streamline operations and improve their own adaptability. It truly is an exciting time to work in payroll.

Many payroll services have been tested. But because of the resilience, dexterity and ingenuity of individual payroll processors, payroll services continue to ensure that millions of people are paid the right amount at the right time, every pay period.

At Paycheck Plus we believe that every organisation can benefit from celebrating National Payroll Week. It not only helps celebrate the efforts of your payroll processors but can also serve as a platform to educate your employees on their payslips, their deductions and the importance of saving for retirement. We would encourage every organisation get involved in the National Payroll Week celebrations, and we look forward to hearing how your company got involved.

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