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Outsource Payroll – FAQ’s

Why should I consider an Outsource Payroll Service?

With ever changing PAYE regulations, National Insurance, Salary Sacrifices, Pensions Auto Enrolment, P11D’s, Payrolling Benefits In Kind, Student Loans and Childcare Vouchers to be processed correctly, more and more companies now recognise the significant advantages of using an outsource payroll provider for their payroll and related services. Payroll outsourcing brings many benefits including:

  • expertise without the cost of employing a professional
  • removes the need for staff cover during holidays or other absences
  • eliminates the need for payroll software, training and updates
  • increases confidentiality and reduces possible staff dissatisfaction
  • documentation is maintained in a secure remote location
  • increased resources available for core profit making activities

PaycheckPlus gives you the peace of mind knowing that your wages and salaries are processed accurately, on time and cost effectively.

We already have someone looking after our Payroll. Why should we outsource Payroll to PaycheckPlus?

Payroll is our business. Outsourcing to PaycheckPlus relieves you of the hassles while the associated economies of scale save you time, money and other valuable resources.

It will allow you to increase your efficiency and focus on what you do best – your business! It removes the onus of keeping up-to-date on ever changing tax regulations and calculations. It eliminates the cost associated with software requirements and support for payroll systems. In addition, all confidential material and documentation pertaining to your company’s payroll is kept offsite avoiding any associated problems or consequences.

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We are currently using another Payroll provider but it’s not working out the way we expected. What’s the difference with PaycheckPlus?

At PaycheckPlus, we tailor our offering to suit the needs of each client. All our clients will avail of the benefits of our purpose built facilities, professional processes and experienced Team.  EVERY member of our processing Team is qualified to deliver the best service to you. While other companies depend entirely on payroll software, we combine professional knowledge and experience to ensure your payroll is processed correctly based on your business operations and employees personal circumstances. Within our process, our internal checks and manual calculations examine each payroll for discrepancies. Our combination of experience, common sense, professional training and professional resources ensure your payroll is processed correctly and ontime, every time.

Every few years, we review all our suppliers. Last year, we reviewed our outsource payroll provider. When we spoke with Niamh at PaycheckPlus we realised that we could get better value for our money. They listened to us and took the time to understand the way we work. Since we’ve changed to PaycheckPlus, we’ve saved hours in payroll administration and checking, making payments to our employees and on reports for our nominal ledger. It was certainly worthwhile. Thanks PaycheckPlus – you’ve really made a difference!”

Do I have to wait until year end or can I start to outsource Payroll during the year?

No, at PaycheckPlus we work with you to ensure a seamless transition. New clients join us every month and we develop an implementation plan for each business designed to avoid disruption and ensure a smooth changeover. Depending on the size and frequency of your payroll, you can benefit from our outsource payroll service within days of contacting us. To discuss your payroll requirements contact us today.

Many thanks to you and your Team, especially Mark, who managed to get our payroll completed on time, despite all our issues. I would never have thought changing providers could be so smooth. I’m only sorry I didn’t do it months ago.”

I have only one employee. Is this too small to outsource Payroll?

At PaycheckPlus we cater for any size company from one to several hundred. Regardless of size, we can offer you a Total Tailored Outsource Payroll Service at a competitive price to suit your business while meeting all your legislative and auditing requirements.  Our Team are happy to discuss your needs and create a payroll service especially for you. You pay for what you need and have the flexibility to adapt as your business changes.

My payments to employees vary – some are paid weekly, some monthly, some are part-time or casual. Can I use PaycheckPlus with such a varied payroll?

We can cater for any number or combination of employees. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation at


How does the outsource Payroll service work?

Our mission is “Making Payroll Easy”.   We tailor our services to suit your needs. We’ll get you up and running quickly and provide you with a custom built template to return to us with any payroll changes.

As an experienced outsource payroll bureau we take care of entering your periodic details, updating amendments to employee details, calculating the correct amount of PAYE,  National Insurance, Pension, etc. or additions for each payroll period.

We can arrange transfer of funds from almost anywhere in the world to your employee bank accounts, give you the breakdown of payments by cheque, or if you prefer, we can provide you with a detailed cash requirement summary. At PaycheckPlus we file your data via RTI, generate P45′s and complete year end.

We can also provide you with customised reports for your Accounts System and Financial Management team to satisfy even the most stringent audit.


How do I know my Payroll will be done right?

We process, cross check and examine every payroll to ensure it is processed not only correctly but to maximise tax efficiencies.

All staff at PaycheckPlus are qualified in payroll calculations and employment law. They regularly perform manual checks to ensure the calculations are correct. Their expertise and experience ensures your payroll is in the best possible hands.  Our process includes 11 different checks by our professionally trained and experienced payroll technicians while our customer audit focused controls monitor every payroll for accuracy and compliancy.  You get an opportunity to review your payroll before it is finalised ensuring you remain in control.

Will I still be in control of my Payroll?

Absolutely. Just because you outsource your payroll doesn’t mean you outsource control or responsibility.  As we process your payroll, we discuss variances, potential issues or opportunities for optimisation with you.  Before we finalise the transfer of any funds to employee bank accounts, we require confirmation from you or your authorised representative that you are happy for us to proceed. We will only accept changes to payroll with verification from you or your authorised representative.  All data sent by email is encrypted going to and from our offices.  Our Team work with you, in partnership, to ensure the most efficient outcomes with transparency throughout the process.


What about Confidentiality?

By choosing PaycheckPlus you are assured of total client confidentiality. All information must be directed through your designated authorised payroll respresentative while emails are protected with one of the worlds leading encryption systems. Payslips are security sealed and our online service requires a user specific login and password for access.

Why should I choose PaycheckPlus as my Outsource Payroll Provider?

PaycheckPlus is the best Payroll Outsource Provider. That’s a fact! Our passion for payroll is reflected in our service levels. We have proven that we are the best at providing an all encompassing payroll outsource service to employers.

How much will it cost?

With our flexible tailored payroll outsourcing services, you pay for the level of service you need to suit the needs of your business.  Our fee is based on the number of employees, frequency of pay (weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.) and your individual requirements. We work with you to provide a solution that will give you what you really need – no more, no less.

For a free quotation without obligation please speak to our Team today on Freephone 0808 234 0504 / Call 0161 464 8720 or request a callback.

What do I need to do?

Simply contact us on Freephone 0808 234 0504 / Call 0161 464 8720 or request a callback to have one of our Team discuss your payroll requirements. We will provide you with a competitive quotation from PaycheckPlus – and make your payroll easy!

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