Company Registration UK & Ireland
Efficient, effective, compliant UK and Ireland business activation
Your local specialist set-up service

Every country has their own unique requirements when it comes to business set-up and payroll registration. Meeting these requirements can be complex and time-consuming for new businesses and established firms entering other countries.

For over a decade, Paycheck Plus has been the partner of choice for companies that need help understanding and meeting their obligations when setting up operations in the UK and Ireland. Together with our partners, we provide a complete set-up service that is in-line with your business’ unique needs, covering everything from company registration and filing, to secretarial, bank accounts, HR contracts and payroll.

Paycheck Plus have made doing payroll in another country so simple for us. You don't have the stress of needing to understand the taxes and the returns. You know everything is being done correctly.
Melanie Benn, Payroll Manager, Avvio
UK & Ireland Company Registration & activation specialists

Our accountants, tax experts, partners and payroll specialists have the local experience necessary for businesses to efficiently and effectively set-up operations in the UK and Ireland.

We provide a complete set-up service which includes everything from company registration and registering your business with HMRC and/or Revenue, right through to payroll set-up, filing annual accounts, HR and ensuring your employees get paid. We advise on every aspect of local employer obligations and payroll optimisations along the way, including pension obligations, local employee entitlements, payroll structure, foreign transfers, non-cash benefits etc.

  • Fully compliant
    Our specialists use their decades of local expertise to ensure that your new operation is fully compliant with the most up to date UK and/or Irish legislation.
  • Fully optimised
    Our award-winning experts use their specialist knowledge and insights to create a foundation for your new local operation that maximises business value.
  • Efficient set-up
    We use our insights, experience and processes to get your business operating locally quickly, effectively and efficiently.
  • Strict confidentiality
    All business information gathered through our company registration and activation service is treated with the strictest confidentiality.
  • Tailored to your needs
    Our implementation of the service is tailored to meet your specific business requirements.
  • Expert team
    Expect best-in-class service from our award-winning payroll specialists, tax advisors and senior managers (qualified and experienced in accounting, tax, corporate compliance, payroll and best practices).