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Payroll Services for Retail

Company: Retail Outlets

Employees:  12 in Ireland, 325 in the UK

Payroll Staff: 1


“I really don’t know how I managed to do it before.  Finding Paycheck Plus made a real difference.  I now longer have to worry about the changes in tax, social insurance or how benefits will impact on the employees take home pay.  I can relax safe in the knowledge that Paycheck Plus have it all in hand.”


Customer Payroll Challenge:

The payroll manager resides in the UK where the retail outlets operate. A separate payroll system was purchased to manage Irish payroll services for the 12 additional staff.  The payroll manager was also provided training on Irish payroll to bring her up to speed on the difference between the Irish and UK calculations.

This solution was a temporary fix as it became prevalent that the payroll manager did not have the necessary expertise to make the changes, process or answer questions from her Irish staff.

Customer Solution:

The retail outlet sought out Paycheck Plus to help them with their payroll services.  Within three weeks the payroll manager had her Irish payroll working efficiently.  With the help of the payroll team at Paycheck Plus, the payroll manager now has fewer enquiries from her staff.  With regular updates from Paycheck Plus’ newsletters, notices or articles helps this retail organisation stay confident that their payroll is operating efficiently.

The Manager was so impressed by the service offered by Paycheck Plus in Ireland, they asked for a similar solution in the UK.  Paycheck Plus now looks after the UK operation too, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on growing the business further.

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Venn Life Siences logoPaycheckPlus has managed both our Irish and UK payrolls since 2011. They continue to provide us with a professional, accurate and efficient service. In particular, we find their knowledge of UK payroll invaluable. We would have no hesitation in recommending their payroll services to other companies.
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