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Engineering Company in UK & Ireland

Industry: Engineering

Employees: 118

Location: Ireland & UK


“Outsourcing to Paycheck Plus delivered significant cost savings and peace of mind. I can now confidently stand over payroll for our Irish and UK employees, knowing that we are fully compliant and that I’ve removed the risk of payroll fraud from our operation.”


Customer Payroll Challenge:

The manager of this engineering operation found that running payroll for employees in Ireland and the UK in-house was very costly whilst staying on top of legislation and taxation changes was very time consuming. A number of their staff had company cars through a lease company which required monitoring for BIK. Despite operating in two countries, a company strategic review concluded that it was not cost-effective to have a full-time employee dedicated to payroll. The manager feared that they may not have the necessary skillset or be dedicating enough time and attention to payroll to ensure complete compliance. He also feared breaches of data confidentiality and the risk of in-house fraud.

Customer Solution:

Meeting the team from Paycheck Plus gave the manager of this organisation confidence that outsourcing would alleviate their problems and his fears. Having dedicated payroll specialists in Ireland and the UK to process payroll for their employees delivered the expertise, knowledge and guidance this company needed. Outsourcing saved time, hassle and ensured complete compliance with all legislative and taxation issues. Moreover, they only paid for the services they needed, making an immediate cost saving.


The system implemented by Paycheck Plus on taking over the management of a payroll helped eradicate any minor compliance issues that existed in their previous payroll processes. Paycheck Plus were able to provide expert guidance on how payments should be set up to guarantee maximum tax efficiencies for both employer and employees.


The expertise of the Paycheck Plus team with their meticulous payroll management systems ensures that the company is now compliant with all BIK taxation rules and employer obligations in both territories.  Outsourcing payroll reduced the risk of fraud or breaches of data protection from within the organisation. All this was achieved whilst delivering a significant reduction in payroll costs.


Talk to us today to find out how outsourcing to Paycheck Plus will save your business money whilst ensuring complete compliance.

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Venn Life Siences logoPaycheckPlus has managed both our Irish and UK payrolls since 2011. They continue to provide us with a professional, accurate and efficient service. In particular, we find their knowledge of UK payroll invaluable. We would have no hesitation in recommending their payroll services to other companies.
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