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28 May 2019 - Blog, News

Paycheck Plus boasts Global Winning Team

Success at the Global Payroll Awards 2019 Celebrations all round as our C.O.O, Brona Grogan scoops the win for “Global Payroll Manager of the Year 2019” and Niall Clarke brings home “Highly Commended Global Payroll Specialist of the Year 2019”. Having won “In-Country Payroll Provider of…

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The P60 Deadline is Fast Approaching

Employers As an employer, it is your duty to make sure all employees on your payroll who are working for you on the last day of the tax year (5 April) are given a P60.  They must receive this by the 31st of May, you do not…

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09 January 2018 - Blog, News

Top 5 Payroll Issues of 2018 (UK and Ireland)

5 Key Payroll Issues to Consider and Tackle in 2018 2018 will be a busy and complicated year for payroll professionals. There are many upcoming payroll industry changes that businesses and payroll professionals must consider and tackle. To help you avoid payroll issues and to ensure…

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07 November 2017 - Blog, News

HMRC Student Loan Plan Update

HMRC Student Loan plan thresholds set to increase April 6th 2018 will see the HMRC Student Loans thresholds increase. Currently, until April 5th 2018, the Plan 1 loan threshold is £17,775 while the Plan 2 threshold is £21,000. In the next tax year (i.e. from April…

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06 September 2017 - Blog, News

HMRC PAYE bill not as expected | Paycheck Plus Payroll Accuracy

What to check if your PAYE bill is too high or too low Payroll is a complex, time consuming and ever developing function. With regulation advancements, company developments and employee changes, businesses can find it challenging to maintain compliant and accurate payroll. On occasion, a PAYE…

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02 August 2017 - Blog, News

GDPR warning | Paycheck Plus Payroll Compliance

A warning to employers: expect to be inundated with data requests under GDPR New research commissioned by SAS warns that “nearly half (48 per cent) of UK adults plan to activate new rights over their personal data”. This is a major warning for businesses and one…

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05 July 2017 - Blog, News

Tax Free Childcare and Employers | Paycheck Plus In-Country Payroll Provider of the Year 2017

What employers need to know about Tax-Free Childcare In our previous article we looked at Tax-Free Childcare from the perspective of parents (click here to access the article and get rates, qualification and application details); in this article we’ll approach the scheme from the employer’s perspective…

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27 June 2017 - Blog, News

Tax-Free Childcare | Paycheck Plus In-Country Payroll Provider of the Year 2017

Who can benefit, how much is the benefit, check if you’re eligible and find out how to apply April 21st 2017 saw the introduction of the Tax-Free Childcare scheme which provides support with the cost of childcare. By the end of 2017 Tax-Free Childcare will be…

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09 June 2017 - Blog, News

Winner of In-country Payroll Provider of the Year

PaycheckPlus recognised globally for excellence and outstanding performance We’re delighted to announce that we won the prestigious “In-country Payroll Provider of the Year 2017” award at the global payroll awards ceremony, presented by the Global Payroll Association, in Amsterdam last night (June 8th). In addition, PaycheckPlus…

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30 May 2017 - Blog, News

Automatic Adjustments to PAYE | PaycheckPlus UK Payroll Providers

Introduction of automatic adjustments to PAYE – what it means for businesses and employees This month (May 2017) saw the HMRC introduce the use of real time information to make automatic adjustments to Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax codes as they happen, rather than waiting…

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