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16 September 2019 - Blog, Payroll Tips & Insights

Auto Enrolment

Introduction Arguably, auto enrolment has been the most significant change to payroll processing ever! The regulations around auto enrolment are complex, requiring a whole new skillset, including a sound knowledge of pensions, and there are significant penalties for getting it wrong. In August 2019 an employer…

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06 September 2019 - Blog, Payroll Tips & Insights

National Minimum Wage (NMW)

Introduction Surely, the National Minimum Wage (NMW) has to be the simplest piece of payroll legislation to manage correctly. It’s currently set at £8.21 per hour so what could be more straightforward? But it’s precisely this simplicity which has led thousands of businesses to fall foul…

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04 September 2019 - Blog, General, Payroll Tips & Insights

UK Vs Irish Payroll

8 Key differences between UK & Irish Payroll Payroll can be a complex and time-consuming task for companies, especially when they have multiple locations around the world. Each country has different legislation and specific requirements that companies must adhere to if they are to be payroll…

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30 August 2019 - Blog, News

Global award-winning payroll specialist makes strategic appointment

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Adam Jones to the role of Business Development Manager, heading up the team from our brand-new UK base! As many of you will know, we have been providing payroll services in the UK and Ireland for many years, but…

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08 August 2019 - Blog, Payroll Tips & Insights

Employers Guide to Statutory Sick Pay

Who qualifies for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)? Anyone who you employ that meets these requirements can qualify for Statutory Sick Pay. They must have an employment contract with you and have done some work under their contract. If they have been sick for 4 or more…

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15 June 2019 - Blog, Payroll News

Deadline for P11D is Fast Approaching

The deadline for submission of the P11D is fast approaching. All employers must issue their P11D’s to HRMC before the 6th of July. The P11D form details any expenses or benefits provided to employees during the tax year. Anything the company pays for that is an…

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28 May 2019 - Blog, News

Paycheck Plus boasts Global Winning Team

Success at the Global Payroll Awards 2019 Celebrations all round as our C.O.O, Brona Grogan scoops the win for “Global Payroll Manager of the Year 2019” and Niall Clarke brings home “Highly Commended Global Payroll Specialist of the Year 2019”. Having won “In-Country Payroll Provider of…

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The P60 Deadline is Fast Approaching

Employers As an employer, it is your duty to make sure all employees on your payroll who are working for you on the last day of the tax year (5 April) are given a P60.  They must receive this by the 31st of May, you do not…

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09 January 2018 - Blog, News

Top 5 Payroll Issues of 2018 (UK and Ireland)

5 Key Payroll Issues to Consider and Tackle in 2018 2018 will be a busy and complicated year for payroll professionals. There are many upcoming payroll industry changes that businesses and payroll professionals must consider and tackle. To help you avoid payroll issues and to ensure…

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07 November 2017 - Blog, News

HMRC Student Loan Plan Update

HMRC Student Loan plan thresholds set to increase April 6th 2018 will see the HMRC Student Loans thresholds increase. Currently, until April 5th 2018, the Plan 1 loan threshold is £17,775 while the Plan 2 threshold is £21,000. In the next tax year (i.e. from April…

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